We’ve found over the years that the best way to produce innovative software is to work within an agile framework and we have embedded the 4 statements from the manifesto and the 12 accompanying principles into how we work.

We feel so strongly about abiding to these principles that our company name “Four Plus Twelve”¬†is a homage to the manifesto and the 12 principles of agile development.

Many companies now work and try to incorporate an agile methodology into their development life cycle and we want to help improve on these foundations, there is no perfect team and we must constantly adapt and improve what and how we develop software.

Instead of just focusing on the agile manifesto and principles we feel that technical practices are often overlooked. Without the right technical practices we believe you can’t truly be agile.

We promote TDD, Clean architecture and SOLID principles of object oriented design.

Our mission

To help teams deliver quality software, improve team efficiency and keep the agile movement alive.

Contact Tony Joanes: tony@fourplustwelve.com